Our Philosophy

 St. Johns Presbyterian Kindergarten and Preschool has provided excellence in a loving Christian environment since 1959. The program focuses on the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of each child with carefully planned continuity from the youngest classes of toddlers through Pre-Kindergarten. Ample resources are provided to help children strengthen and control their muscles; stimulate their powers of observation; motivate their creative imaginations; and develop their verbal, mathematical, reasoning, and artistic skills.

Our teachers not only guide children in learning, but also encourage their cooperation and self-discipline. Fostering our children's sense of humor, honesty, and wonder is a primary concern. We fully prepare children for the increased demands of elementary school without sacrificing individuality or joy in life. Under the gentle guidance of gifted teachers, children have multiple opportunities for creative expression. Through its 56 years of existence, St. Johns has held fast to its goal of nurturing young children in an atmosphere of Christian love and discipline. Thus, they will be ready, confident, and happy to take the next steps in their lives.